Memorial Stationery

Memorial stationery in Ireland can be known as a couple of different things such as: prayer cards, memorial prayer cards, funeral cards, remembrance cards and even in memoriam cards.

Choosing memorial stationery to celebrate the life of a loved one can be very difficult and emotional. At Fermoy Print and Design we understand that it is a distressing occasion so we have made the process straightforward and simple in order to help.

What to include in memorial cards?

Memorial prayer cards should be a fitting tribute to the wonderful joy your loved one brought to you. You can include the following to make it more personal:

  • verses
  • images
  • photographs
  • prayers
  • dates
  • quotes

There are many different types of memorial stationery available, however if you have something different in mind, don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

Funeral Mass Books

Funeral mass or ceremony booklets can include images and photographs of deceased loved ones, selected readings and prayers, selection of messages and other personalised elements.

We offer customers who have been immediately bereaved, a fast turn over on booklets and will deliver them straight to the ceremony venue.

Ask our team about how best we can help you honour your loved one’s life. Phone us at our Fermoy Office, Co Cork on 025 31355 or email

Memorial Cards & Wallet Cards

Memorial cards or memorial prayer cards are a traditional way of remembering a loved one. They are tailored to your desires and can incorporate any verse, picture, personal message or sentiment that you would like to include.

Memorial cards, while traditional, can be as unique as you like. We have a beautiful collection of reflective and celebratory images, prayers and verses you can choose from but you are the best judge of what stationery is befitting to enshrine your loved one’s memory.



Wallet Cards are memorial reminders kept close to you every day. A unique and simple way to keep your loved one close. These cards are small enough to fit in your wallet or the visor of your car and can be single or double sided. They are laminated to keep them durable and easy to clean and can be as appropriately designed as you and your family see fit.


Bookmarks are a very popular and beautiful piece of memorial stationery. The are used time and time again and are a lovely reminder of your loved one. Bookmarks are also highly personal and can contain as much or little information as you like along with as many pictures as you care for.

As with all our memorial stationery, they are designed, printed and laminated in-house making them durable and unique to you and your family. All our bookmarks are made to fit into envelopes with a memorial or acknowledgment card or even just to be sent on their own.


Bookmarks & Wallet Holders

Stationery holders are a very neat way to send people your memorial bookmark or wallet card and can incorporate your acknowledgement/ thank you message to the friends and family who were kind during the difficult time. Like all of our memorial stationery, these cards can be highly personalised and designed in a manner you believe suitable.

Acknowledgment Cards

Bereaved families are generally overcome by the kindness and generosity of neighbours, family and friends at the time of a funeral. There is so much to look after while all the time dealing with the recent loss. Thankfully, people always seem to be there to help you through.

Acknowledgment memorial cards (also known as Memorial Thank You cards) are a special way to say thank you to these people and to let them know that their support during the funeral or days afterwards is appreciated. Thank Acknowledgement cards can be personalised with appropriate pictures and verses.

Funeral Mass/Ceremony Booklet

Funerals are a very difficult time for family and friends who often have lost someone with little or no warning. The short few days immediately after the passing are spent in shock and busy preparing to give our loved one an appropriate and befitting farewell.

A Mass or Ceremony Booklet is often something people would like to do but feel they neither have the time nor the will to do it. Here at Fermoy Print and Design, we understand your situation and thus have put together templates of mass booklets that can make the task a lot easier for you, changing only the music, prayers and names of the people involved with the ceremoy. We promise a quick turn-over for the booklets however we will not let the short deadline compromise our quality.

The ceremony booklets can be personalised to your taste with a photograph of the deceased and a special message from the family. In addition we will deliver the booklets straight to the church or ceremony venue leaving you without the worry of it.

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