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Fermoy Print & Design helped print Jim Bartley's Pippy & Dippy in December 2010

Fermoy Print & Design printed Jim Bartley's book Pippy & Dippy in December 2010

Who will print and publish my book? How do I publish a book? Where do I start?

Publishing a book can be a very exciting yet anxious time for authors, as it gives way to many questions. Here at Fermoy Print and Design, we aim to make the process as simple as possible.

In more recent times, Fermoy Print and Design have been working with a number of authors who are looking to self publish their books of poetry, prose, fiction, history or commercial.

Self Published Books

At Fermoy Print and Design, we work with authors on all the different stages of getting a book published from proof reading, designing artwork and getting the book from print to sales. We offer three different services to self publishers including design & print, design only and print only.

Our services include:

  • proof reading
  • professional cover design
  • typographic layout
  • hard and soft binding
  • full colour or black and white
  • final proof (unbound)
  • delivery to many addresses

As an added extra for authors, we provide a book marketing service where we work on a marketing strategy that will help not only get your book into the best venues but also how to get it noticed. At Fermoy Print and Design, we have an experienced marketeer in Máiréad O’Sullivan who will guide you through the different aspects of marketing and help you increase sales.

At all times, we will rely on you to make the big decision about the book and will all ownership rights to the book are yours. Maybe if you get famous you might just send us a postcard!


Bookmarks are an easy way of reinforcing the presence of your book on the shop shelves and a cost effective way of marketing while giving people a brief synopsis of your book and what it’s about.

Our bookmarks are also designed by our in-house designers to compliment your publication. Bookmarks can be laminated if desired.

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