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We are looking for inspiration from the hardworking business people of Ireland. We are currently putting together a little booklet of Irish Inspiration made up of inspirational quotes, anecdotes and sayings from Irish business people for Irish business people.

What we need are quotes or sayings that inspire you and get you through the working week. Words and phrases that you as a busy and creative person use as a source of encouragement. Something original. Something unique. Something that means something to you.

What we don’t want are well-known quotes by famous authors, politicans and entrepreneurs. Living Irish authors, politicians and entrepreneurs are more than welcome to send us in something, of course.

We will then publish a collection of approximately 100 quotes crediting you and your business. You know you fit the bill if you consider yourself a down to earth, hardworking Irish business person! You can be self employed or an employee. A business is not necessarily something that is defined by an office job or how many days a week you work. Maybe you’re a gardener, a lorry driver, a explorer, a charity worker or even a pathologist.

Quotes must be a maximum of 200 words and everyone featured in our booklet will receive a number of copies to give to friends and family. This booklet will then be sent to all of our customers, we will be giving them out  free of charge at all our events, in all of our business packs and everyone wants one!

In the boxes below just enter your name, email (so we can respond to you), business name and location and then finally, your quote. We will be in touch with everyone who submitted a quote and publish a little booklet of inspiration in the coming weeks.

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