How to create a fitting memorial

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Memorial Stationery

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Memorial cards and writing memorial messages can be a very difficult time for a family as it is the final step after the funeral of a loved one.

It is important, however, that the memorial stationery hits the right tone and messages of remembrance, memorial card wording and memorial card sayings are fitting to the deceased. You can create your memorial card in three easy steps with Fermoy Print and Design

Step 1: Choose the correct memorial stationery format
Choose from:

  • Bookmark
  • Memorial Card
  • Memorial Wallet Card
  • Memorial Booklet
  • Prayer Card
  • Religious Memorial Card
  • Talk to us about other memorial stationery you would like to create

Step 2: Memorial Card Wording

Ensure the wording of your memorial card is fitting. We have a complete list of memorial messages, messages of rememberance and memorial card sayings from you to choose from. Alternatively you could include a poem or message that your loved one would have liked.

Step 3: What images to use

Religious memorial cards and Christain memorial cards remain very popular in Ireland and we have many images of popular saints and Christian images for memorial cards.

However if you perfer non-christian memorial cards, we have a selection of beautiful cards you can select from.

Photographs of deceased loved ones are also a nice addition to the card and once you send us the photographs we can proceed with getting your stationery completed.

What happens now?

We compile all your choices. Then we design and print a customised memorial card, prayer card or bookmark that you are proud of. After we have finished the design aspect we will send you a proof. Once you agree, we will go ahead and print. Your prints will be ready within 3-days of finalising the proof.

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