Tide turns for Irish music and dance in Fermoy

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Traditional Irish music, dance and song started it’s revival in 1994 with the Lord of the Dance and Jean Butler stunning international audiences with their exceptional footwork and talent. That memorable performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in the Point Theatre in Dublin laid the modern stage for Irish people to show off their skill and excellence in a tradition that has survived the turning tide of generations.

In a bid to celebrate our rich Irish history, The Turning Tide, brings together a group of very talented young people from different corners of the country and demonstrates the true talent we possess in both music, song and dance. Playing until August 12 in Fermoy, Youghal and Mallow, the first half of the show brings the audience through the earlier part of our history before the Irish Republic. It commemorates the passing of time in a manner that’s uplifting and excellently executed. The second half of the show brings a more modern element to the show and highlights the talents of a modern, highly educated and gifted people.

The show is part of the Blackwater School of Music and runs locally until August 12th. Fermoy Print and Design is a proud sponsor of the show and offical printers to the group. Further details can be found on www.facebook.com/TurningTideTheShow.

All artwork was designed by the crew at The Turning Tide.

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