Do Christmas cards benefit businesses?

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Do Christmas business cards give businesses a return in the New Year? Do customers really recognise the gesture? The simple answer is Yes!

It may seem that like a simple gesture that wouldn’t make a difference, BUT, there are many benefits associated with sending out Christmas cards. Since the change in our economic growth, customers are all about value for money and being appreciated. We want to know that the custom we give businesses is appreciated and remembered. As business owners, we know it is.

What are the benefits of sending out business christmas cards?

Customers like to be remembered by the companies from which they do the most business. It lets them know that you appreciate them and this will encourage them to continue doing business with you in the future. Sales is all about building relationships and giving our customers a “shopping experience”.  Sending the Christmas card is an effective way to bond with your regular customers and build a strong client/business relationship. It’s this type of customer loyalty that helps companies grow and meet their long-term goals.

Business Christmas cards are also a great way to keep you and your products or services fresh in the minds of clients while expressing your genuine thanks for their business. They make an excellent return on your investment because there are limitless options and a wide price range to choose from.

How can I measure return from sending business christmas cards?

If you are sending this cards to regular customers then you will be able to check when they next come back to you. If you are sending them to customers that already do some business with you but you want them to do more, give them a reason to come back. Insert a ‘token gift’ such as a 10% off voucher, a refer a friend gift option, a loyalty card or an invitation to meet for a New Year coffee! You now have something tangible to watch for.

Choosing the Right Cards

When making your selection for business Christmas cards, choose something that truly reflects the image you want to portray and the values of your company. Business Christmas cards are a form of direct marketing and one of the core principals of effective direct marketing is PERSONALISATION.

Make your card as personal and recognisable to the customer as possible. As well as an attractive Christmas image, insert your company logo and a message from the owner. It’s important to personalize the message to make a bigger impact on the targeted audience. The whole purpose of sending out the cards is to show your personal side and how much your customers mean to you. Take advantage of the message to get this point across.

Always choose good quality cards because this is a reflection of your business and you don’t want to send out the wrong message. Look for a traditional image that’s tasteful and accepted by all types of customers. Staying with a generic greeting is also recommended. Add a personal message and sign your name to the card.

When they receive the card they automatically think of you and the business you have conducted together throughout the year. You want this image to be a positive one that builds their confidence and trust in your company. This is what creates good customer relations and return customers.

It takes a few minutes to send out a Christmas card and will certainly be worth the benefits.

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